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Adoption FAQs

Adoption FAQs

Where can I come to see your adoptable dogs?

The dogs in this program are not housed in a central shelter facility. Each dog lives with a volunteer foster family in that family’s private home. Because of this, it is generally not possible to see all of the dogs together. We hold adoption events locally where you can meet any dogs attending. However, if there is a specific individual dog you have found on our website or in any of our online adoption listings, you can arrange to meet this dog by appointment with an approved adoption application. The application does not commit you to adopting, but rather ensures our ability to approve your adoption should you meet and fall in love with the dog. The adoption application can be found here.

Can I surrender my dog to you?

RWOB acts as a resource to shelters within the DFW metroplex to provide alternatives to euthanasia for hard to place dogs. Our foster home space is limited and we feel we can make the biggest difference for each individual dog in our program by limiting our intake to those who have already been in a traditional shelter and who were not adopted from there.

How do you fund the organization?

RWOB is funded entirely though adoption donations, and private donations from the public. We receive no state or city funding and are under no contractual obligations to any other entity. If you would like to help support our mission, please feel free to donate time, needed items, or funds. 

What are your adoption requirements and fees?

RWOB considers dog adoption to be a privilege and that good pet owners can demonstrate a history of responsible practices. Our basic requirements are as follows:

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years of age
  • Adopters’ current pets must be spayed or neutered and current on their rabies vaccination
  • Adopters must be able to provide a current veterinary reference if they own other pets
  • If the adopter rents, they must be able to provide a landlord reference stating that pets are allowed on the property
  • Adopter cannot intend for the animal to be kept as an outdoor only pet, or for the primary mode of containment to be tethering
  • Adopters must be a good match for the animal question as determined by our adoption counselors

Our adoption fee scale is as follows and includes spay or neuter, current age appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, and on heartworm prevention.