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Foster FAQs

What is fostering?

Fostering is basically like temporary ownership — you take care of your foster dog as though it were your own ideally until we find the dog a loving forever home.

Why are all of your dogs in foster homes instead of at the shelter?
It’s much healthier for a dog to be in a home instead of in a cage while it waits to be adopted. When a dog is in a foster home, we can also learn way more about the dog’s true personality versus its “cage personality,” which makes it much easier to find the best match as we are looking for the dog’s forever family. By placing dogs in foster homes, we can also rescue far, far more dogs than we would be able to if they were in cages at a shelter. We often have up to 30 dogs in foster homes.

How do I start fostering?
Complete the Foster Application, and then send us an email at to let us know you've sent one in. Please indicate a specific dog that you're interested in, or if there is a specific dog you'd like to pull from a shelter.

How long does fostering last? 
Fostering tends to last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks because most dogs get adopted within that time-frame. Sometimes dogs get adopted much more quickly, sometimes it takes a bit longer. We ask that foster parents hold onto their foster dog until the dog is adopted if possible because the less a dog bounces around, the better it is for the dog. It can be stressful for a dog to move from home to home unnecessarily.

What if something comes up and I need to give my foster dog back?
We will always take our foster dogs back if you can no longer care for your foster dog. We need at least 1 months notice so that we can find a new foster home, the more notice you can provide us with the better. If you are going out of town, let us know as far in advance as you can. If you are having a problem with the foster dog, let is know right away and give us a chance to find new placement.

What kinds of supplies do I need?
You don’t need much. We provide a leash, harness, coat if necessary, and crate if you want one. Most of our foster parents buy their own dog food, but we can also provide starter food. All supplies that you purchase for your foster dog can be considered tax deductible donations.

How do I find out which dogs need to be fostered? 
Follow us on Facebook. We regularly post requests for foster help.

Do I get to choose the dog I foster?
Sort of. Based on your application, we try to match your foster parameters (hypoallergenic, under 25 lbs, good jogging partner, etc.) with the dogs we need to place in foster homes, but we can’t always give you a choice between multiple dogs. Once you’ve been approved to foster, you can respond to posts on Facebook requesting foster help.

What happens if I want to adopt my foster dog?
We place all of our adoptable dogs in forever homes based on which home is the best match for the dog, but let us know immediately if you are thinking about adopting your foster dog. Your adoption application would need to be approved — if your application is approved, you have the option to adopt ONLY if another adopter has not already been approved to adopt the dog. You cannot decide you want to adopt your foster dog after we have placement lined up for the dog.

Am I expected to pay for veterinary care for my foster dog? 
Nope. We cover veterinary expenses as long as you go through us for ALL veterinary issues. If you take your foster dog to a vet without our permission, it is your financial responsibility.

Can I take my foster dog to the dog run?
That would be by a case to case basis. We ask that they are not off leash unless we are certain their temperament is capable to handle that type of situation. For the safety of your our dogs and others, we would like for them to be on a leash at all times outdoors.

What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?
You are expected to provide your foster pet with all of the loving care it needs, which includes (but is not limited to) food, water, shelter, exercise, and medication when required. You are expected to be available via phone call, text, and/or email so that we can check in when necessary and coordinate meet-and-greets with potential adopters. We ask that you bring your foster pet to adoption events if/when necessary. We’ll provide details! You must answer any questions we may have about your foster pet so that we can make sure it stays healthy and gets adopted to the best forever home possible. We also ask that you put potential adopters you meet in touch with us so that we can explain and begin the application process.

How do potential adopters find out about my foster dog?
All of our adoptable dogs are listed on multiple pet search websites such as Petfinder. We regularly share updates on our dogs in foster care via our Facebook page, and we have adoption events you can attend with your foster dog.

Do I have to attend adoption events?
Events are mandatory once or twice a month as they are a great way to get exposure for your foster dog so he/she can find a forever home faster.