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Freedom Ride/Transport - Nothing beats the feeling of witnessing the look on a dogs face when they realize they are on their way to a better life; be part of that experience by joining the Transport Team!
  • Transport a dog from an animal shelter, to/from a veterinarian office or kennel, or to/from a foster home.
  • Transport to and from events, and vets!

Events: RWOB events are a fun way to get to know the other volunteers and dogs in your area! After you join RWOB you can RSVP to events you can attend. This is perfect for RWOB Volunteers and Fosters who want to know about upcoming adoption events they can bring their foster dogs to or help transport!
Our volunteers handle dogs at the events, sharing their attributes with potential adopters. What better way to get a doggie fix? All it takes is a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Administrative: We are always in need of volunteers for administrative and social media roles.
  • Vet Check - Join the Vet Check team, includes contacting potential adopters vet references.
  • Adoption Follow-Up Team -  Help call past adopters to make sure all is going well.

  • Professional Consultants Offer a perfect way for busy lawyers, insurance specialists, veterinarians, tax consultants, and others to contribute as needed.

  • Fundraisers - Coordinate and create opportunities to raise money and acquire material goods essential to RWOB.

  • Web & Design- Become a RWOB Web Team Member, to help with:

    • Graphic Designers - help with brochures, literature, signage, and other artistic pieces needed either in print or on the website.
    • Website Content - help with: RWOB Blog, Writing bios for the animals, Writing Happy Tails, and other creative writing areas on the website.

  • PR and Communications - Be part of the team
    • Needs Rescue Email Coordinator
    • Needs Foster Email Coordinator
  • Social Media : Join the Social Media Team
    • Public Facebook page admins : post updates, events, keep public engaged
    • Twitter admin: tweet on behalf of RWOB, forward or answer questions,
    • Instagram admin
    • YouTube content
Home Visits Team - Conduct home visits for adopters, training provided.